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2013 NPC Nicole Wilkins Classic/Natural Michigan



After 27 years with the National Physique Committee (as a competitor on a national level from 1987-1994 and as a Michigan NPC committee member, show promoter and judge since 1988), the Michigan NPC has refused to sanction me shows in 2016 so my association with the NPC in Michigan has come to an end.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to meet and/or work with many of the biggest names in the sport but more importantly I've met thousands and thousands of great people from throughout the State of Michigan and beyond.

I consider myself to be very lucky to have been able to rely on scores of people that helped me gain a reputation for well run and fairly judged competitions. I am forever indebted to people like Magen Romeo, Tom Typinski, John Simmons, Ron Love, Darien Bond, Dan Vaccaro, Ralph Shaw, Cliff Shipley, Lee Brumbaugh, Kelli Richardson, Neil Heusted, Doris Heusted, Josh Romeo, Jake Romeo, Sara Musial, Dino Lupi, Mike and Glory Buckel, Mike Vruggink, Kristin Nouhan, Hans VanderGronden, Dave Wattles, Karen Royse, Jennifer Peckham, Jim Paris, and countless others that were willing to give up an entire Saturday (or more) to ensure that our competitors had a great, memorable experience.

I’ve also been able to call many of Michigan’s finest athletes as partners including, most recently, Peggy Sue Barber and 4X IFBB Figure Olympia champion Nicole Wilkins. A special thanks goes out to all of you for trusting me with the association of your names and reputations.

Lastly, I would like to extend a posthumous “thank you” to my best friend and mentor, Keith Wirt, who helped point me in the direction of the NPC back in 1985. I wish he would have been able to see the influence that the sport—and hence he—had on the course of my life.

(NOTE: Please do not take offense if I’ve failed to mention you specifically as it would be impossible for me to thank everyone that I’ve met, worked with or been helped by.)

Yours in fitness,

Rick Romeo
Professional Fitness Group LLC
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